Management Training Management is a challenge, a responsibility and a service to others.

It is also a role that requires management-specific expertise and training but rarely receives much of either. Management Essentials Training is available in-person by arrangement.

Management as a skill Some people appear to be naturally talented at organising and inspiring, some are good at teaching and modelling and some easily build relationships.

A manager requires a working level of skill in all of those areas and more, yet most people in management positions receive little or no management skills training.


Management as a process Management is often a reactive role with much time spent on problem solving and divided attention, leading to inefficiency, stress and an imbalance toward problems and blame rather than solutions and support.

By introducing some quick and easy processes, on the simple principle that we see what we are looking for, managers are able to enjoy a more balanced perspective, supporting a proactive approach that leads to better workgroup culture, effort and engagement.


Management as a technique Great communication is an important part of managing a high performing team in what is said, when it is said and how it is said.

Emotional, non-verbal and inferred messages are highly influential, and so technique becomes important in timing, content and manner. For a manager to be more than an administrator, allocator of tasks or wielder of power, technique in purposefully engaging with others is crucial.


Management Essentials Training As with any other skilled career, ongoing training is important for managers of every level.

Our Management Essentials Training covers two main areas:

  1. Self – Organisation and management of time, priorities and stress
  2. Others – Managing performance, underperformance and professional relationships

Outcomes should include superior management of self and others with higher productivity, increased employee engagement and enhanced workplace culture and reputation.

Contact us to arrange private training at your workplace.

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