Delegation Skills Training The most essential supervisory skill is to provide instructions to subordinates in such a way that the job gets done properly, in good spirit and without wasted time or effort.

The 21T Task Cycle is the simplest, most universally applicable method of achieving those outcomes. Available online any time or in-person by arrangement.


Delegation is the responsibility of managers and supervisors The primary role of supervisory managers is to ensure that each and every task is executed to an acceptable (if not high) standard in terms of quality, time, customer satisfaction and safety.

The daily challenge for supervisory managers is in how, along with their other varied responsibilities, stresses and interruptions, they might best delegate tasks so as to achieve a superior outcome every time with every member of the team.


Every task matters Almost every worthwhile task, no matter how small or apparently insignificant, has the potential to become meaningful and important to not only the organisation and its customers, but to the person or team charged with executing it.

Delegation skill shortfalls in task segmentation, clarity, communication, expectation-setting, context, competency, resourcing and psychological rewards lead to unnecessary errors that cost time, money and reputation.


Delegation can be difficult The act of one person giving instruction to another is a statement about relative social positioning, which can be rejected by some and intimidating to others.

When things don’t work out situations commonly become stressful and blame-laden, with supervisors and subordinates seeking to avoid responsibility. Conflict, withdrawal and disengagement are common reactions, leading to “them and us” divisions between supervisors and subordinates and a culture of responsibility avoidance.


The 21T Task Cycle The 21T Task Cycle is a simple and easy-to-follow task delegation process consisting of a small number of action steps that all supervisory managers can implement with any individual or team in any circumstance.

And because it is responsive to the individual competencies of each employee, it avoids the stress, disengagement and waste caused by under- or micro- management. So many problems solved so easily.

21T Task Cycle Training As a fast seven step process the 21T Task Cycle is fast and inexpensive to teach, understand and implement with immediate benefits in improved productivity and profitability.

There’s also the bonus of not-so-fringe benefits such as reduced stress, improved team engagement, improved customer satisfaction and superior organisational culture – for everyone.

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