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The workplace is a complex human social system which creates conflict and stresses that can be good or bad for individual employees and for the business. We help employers to resolve workplace conflict and improve workplace relationships and mental safety.

The 3 causes identified as being the most common causes of workplace conflict (often in combination):


Workplace Conflict Conflict in the workplace is almost inevitable – and not always bad.

Handled well, differences in opinion, ideas and perspectives can be a great thing for your business and for everyone within it, creating better information sharing, decision making and engagement. The challenge is to create a culture where conflict is about ideas and problem-solving rather than personalities and social competition.

Workplace conflict is most commonly between:


From Problems to Solutions Conflict is personal, even when it’s not.

No-one enjoys the attack on self-esteem that accompanies being “wrong” or arguing where “winners” are those who have the most power or are better at arguing, rather than those with the better argument.

Dynamic business environments demand that everyone, no matter their power or persuasive ability, is engaged in harvesting and building upon knowledge and ideas to move the business from having an abundance of problems to enjoying an abundance of solutions.


Workplace Conflict Resolution and Mediation Our goal is to help create workplaces where disagreements, within bounds, are welcome but personal conflict isn’t.

As trained counsellors, our work involves untangling the complex emotional webs that surround interpersonal conflict, allowing individuals to take a less defensive approach to their own position while being more open toward the positions of others. In this way people can more easily work together to build stronger relationships and more productive businesses.


1 in 5 employees took at least 1 day off work last year due to workplace mental distress.

Workplace Counselling Psychological distress in the workplace is a common problem in Australia.

The stresses of performance demands, workplace conflict and other influences can jeopardise performances, relationships and careers of employees at every level. Mental health problems in Australian workplaces cost $10.9 billion annually, affecting most employers and many employees, along with their families and communities. Being attentive to the mental health of employees is a business, legal and moral imperative.


Depression and Emotional Trauma Distressingly, twice as many Australians die every year from suicide than from motor vehicle accidents.

With such serious implications, it is crucial that employee distress is recognised and treated as early as possible. We provide one-on-one workplace counselling to help those who are struggling with workplace demands or relationships. We strongly recommend the following support services for urgent mental health support and to help co-workers to identify and help those most at risk.

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