Troubleshooting Employee problems and problem employees

Most employees want to be accepted and respected. Some can be held back by inadequate information, equipment, skill or experience, some by mental or physical incapacity and some, disappointingly, by their own poor performances and behaviours.


Poor performance and poor behaviour

Employee underperformance or misbehaviour has significant costs including:

  • Inefficiency, errors and poor productivity
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Risks to reputation and competitiveness
  • Risks to safety, compliance and quality

Allowing employees to get away with poor performance or behaviour has been identified as a major demotivator for otherwise high performing employees, with knock-on effects for your customers, your personal reputation as a leader and your business.


Ignoring a problem does not make it go away The lowest standard of performance or behaviour that is allowed quickly becomes habit and then the standard by which you, as a leader and as a business, are judged by others.

Knowing when and how to react can be difficult, with stress and tempers quick to rise and good outcomes often hard to find. Dealing with problems is a speciality for us. We can handle them directly – or we can teach you how to – or both.


Employee Misconduct, Misbehaviour and Troublemakers “Difficult” does not mean “impossible” – or unnecessary.

Unfortunately, it can be that one or two employees seem intent on causing trouble through gossip, intimidation or just general stirring of the pot, upsetting everyone else and damaging the business and its reputation. These people can be hard to bring back into line as there can be little obvious evidence of clear wrongdoing and they can also be argumentative and resistant to advice – but we’re used to that.


Our role Employee problems and problem employees need to be dealt with decisively even when things might seem a bit murky or uncertain.

Wherever possible employees should be given the chance to improve their performance or change their behaviours, but unfortunately sometimes the situations demand a stronger response. Our role is to provide expert advice and support in a Fair Work compliant and best-practice process to solve problems legally, fairly and decisively with the least stress, time and cost.

Our process

In dealing with employee performance and behavioural problems, our process includes:

  • Assessing current behavioural problems and performance shortfalls
  • Helping to define acceptable performances and behaviours
  • Designing a management strategy to ensure the performance of all employees is routinely managed in ways that improve ongoing effort, engagement and performance.
  • Advising on options and formulating remedial steps or disciplinary actions
  • Conducting or coaching difficult conversations

You don’t have to put up with a problem. Instead, let us help you to solve it.

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