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If you are an employer and have a Fair Work problem that needs to be solved right now, or wish to avoid a costly problem in the future, for personal face-to-face support and advice call us now on 1800 HRRESC (1800 477 372)

Alternatively, if the only help you need is advice on a simple query, visit the Fair Work website at www.fairwork.gov.au


The Fair Work Ombudsman is involved in over 25,000 workplace disputes annually (sources: FWO annual report 2015, FWO annual report 2014)

It’s a common problem The problem with fairness is that what might seem fair to one person might not feel fair to another.

This is especially the case in the workplace, where employers and employees commonly see things differently, especially when it comes to being held accountable for poor performance or unacceptable behaviours.


Terminating employment is highly emotional for everyone Having one’s employment terminated is a highly emotional event that threatens not only one’s livelihood, but one’s self-esteem and social place.

Little wonder that so many employees find such decisions, as necessary as they might have been, hard to accept. Not many employees say, “You’re right, I understand why you can’t continue to employ me. Thanks for the opportunity.”


What ex-employees want by going to the Fair Work Commission Many choose to pursue what they perceive as fairness through the Fair Work Commission, perhaps forcing their employer to pay them “correctly”, or perhaps pursuing other protections or entitlements.

However, the most common reason we hear about is for claims of unfair dismissal, where employees are appealing for reinstatement or, more commonly, a financial payout. Some are trying to get back at the employer and grab easy money, and some feel they have a valid case and are looking for a constructive outcome.

Our role When an employee or ex-employee takes a grievance to the Fair Work Ombudsman, things can get stressful, time consuming and expensive very quickly.

The whole process can be frustrating, distracting and distressing.

We help employers to respond promptly and professionally to minimise the damage so that they can get back, physically, mentally and financially, to running their business. And we do this in person – we come to you.


What we do for employers

We work closely with employers to take the worry out of Fair Work problems, helping them to understand their position and prepare the best case for official responses and conciliation discussions. If you wish, we can also attend the conciliation conversation with you with the intent of resolving the problem once and for all. If necessary we can also recommend specialist legal representation or advice, but our intention is always to resolve the issue long before it gets to that stage.

Call us now for in-person Fair Work support, advice and advocacy for immediate problems and permanent solutions.

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