About Us

What we do

  • HR Rescue HR services consultancy specialises in solving problems fast. Our clients range from small businesses looking to expand and do things the right way from the start through to mature medium sized businesses looking to solve an urgent problem, recruit the very best person for the job, improve attitudes and culture, and build management processes and skills.
  • We use best-practice in everything we do, from solving problems through to how we recruit behaviourally-appropriate employees, and the management systems and processes we help our clients implement. Our training programs LEAD world’s best practice, combining the brain and behaviourally-based research of 21 Triangles with what we know works in the real world of running a competitive business.
  • Our reactive services include solving HR problems, investigating complaints, providing Fair Work advice, working with Trade Unions, advocating and even having the tough conversations. As qualified expert practitioners, we also provide professional workplace conflict resolution, mediation and counselling.
  • Our proactive services include designing HR processes and policies that help you to keep control while building a highly engaged and highly productive team.  (If this is done well, there’s not so much need for the reactive things!)
  • Our behavioural recruitment service combines psychologically-designed interviewing techniques with Neurosmart Pre-Employment Assessments to give you a comprehensive report for each top candidate. And with no placement fees, you get better service, better candidates and better value.
  • Our training services help your management and leadership teams to learn and use the skills that help every employee to work at their best and support a positive, output-focused workplace culture. We can also provide ongoing management mentoring and coaching to keep the improvements coming.

Things we don’t do

  • Unlike some, we don’t give brief “free” advice over the phone and then go for the expensive up-sell. In fact, unless we are working with existing clients who we know well, we rarely give advice over the phone at all because it is too easy to miss something that can make a very big difference. If all you want is free general advice for a problem that has legal implications we strongly recommend you call the Fair Work Hotline on 13 13 94. Even though you may have to wait a while, we think it’s a great service within the bounds of what anyone can do over the phone in a short period of time without knowing the ins and outs of your business and goals.
  • We don’t tell you what to do. We provide informed advice and we give you recommendations and options – at all times you stay in charge.
  • We don’t just give advice and disappear. Many of our clients retain us permanently so they can call on us any time they want. We’re very flexible with that.
  • When we recruit, we don’t coach candidates or recommend anyone who we think isn’t right for you. If the “right” person isn’t out there, we’ll tell you that. It doesn’t happen often (hardly ever in fact) but when it does you deserve to know the truth.
  • We don’t waste your time or money. We know you want fast, high quality results and so that’s what we give you. All we ask for is access, honesty and goodwill for us to be able to provide you with the really great service you need.

How people engage us

There are three main ways of engaging us:

  1. Ad-hoc problem-solving support when you  need it. This is the most flexible option and a great way to quickly get stuck into solving urgent problems now or when you need a high quality recruitment solution.
  2. Fixed price solutions such as Behavioural Recruitment or Training.
  3. Retained contract, where a fixed monthly fee is based upon a scope of ongoing work or projected support needs. We are very flexible in how we administer this, working with our clients to make sure they get full value and that any additional costs (if applicable) are contained. In return for their commitment, our retained clients receive priority access and value across all of our services.

The best way to find out if we’re right for you is to give us a call – we take pride in our reputation for openness and honesty and we can quickly let you know how we can best help you