HR Processes Great processes bring great results.

Use our proven processes to find, engage and retain the talented people you need to create a high performing team and support a great workplace culture.


Recruitment Poor employment choices waste money, reduce productivity, create stress, upset customers and lower morale.

Good employment decisions require skill, process and an understanding of what it takes for someone to be a great employee for you. We routinely recruit high quality people for our clients, and we can also teach you to do the same.


On-boarding There is no time more important in the employment relationship than the first few days and weeks.

It’s a crucial time for familiarity with processes and setting standards, and it’s also a formative time for creating expectations around attitudes and culture as well as performances, attitudes and behaviours. Every employer, irrespective of size or role, must be very deliberate about the impressions and messages it sends to new employees.


Delegation and managing performance Of all the daily management skills that determine success for subordinates, managers and the business, there are none more important than task delegation and managing performance.

Reasons include:

  • Discomfort with exercising authority
  • Fear of conflict or being disliked
  • Not knowing when and how to be assertive, instruct, grant autonomy, praise or discipline.

We specialise in teaching and implementing daily delegation and management skills and processes which can be used by anyone in a supervisory capacity.


Retention Holding on to the best people is a growing challenge for all employers.

The demand for talent has never been fiercer and solutions based on financial reward alone are unlikely to engender the type of loyalty or engagement that brings out the best in people or encourages them to stay. We help you to attract the best people and then give them every reason to remain a highly productive part of your team.


Career and succession planning Who is going to become the next responsible person?

What is the career pathway for high performers? Is career and succession planning something that is perhaps only thought about when there’s a senior vacancy or when a talented employee leaves? Career and succession planning is essential for businesses looking for growth and stability through continuity, talent (and customer) retention and a culture of loyalty.

Good HR processes ensure consistency and take much of the stress out of building, managing and retaining high performing teams.

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