HR Policies Have the right policies in place.

Protect yourself and your employees with policies that are legal and Fair Work compliant, and designed to enhance performance and culture while creating certainty, manageability and enforceability.


Bullying and harassment Bullying and harassment in the workplace is a common cause of physical and mental distress, as well as being a significant cost to productivity and culture.

Employers have a legal and moral responsibility to instigate rules and processes that protect all employees and ensure workplace behaviours are fair and reasonable for all.


Social media The law extends protections to employers in what employees post and say in public forums, including social media, in or out of work hours.

However, an employer’s position can be compromised where a social media policy does not exist or has not been shared with employees. It’s a problem that’s easily avoided.


Code of conduct Employers have the right and responsibility to create and publish workplace rules regarding performance and behaviour, so long as those rules are reasonable in the context of the organisation and the role.

We have successfully created codes of conduct for employers and successfully disciplined employees for breaches, solving what might have otherwise been challenging behavioural problems.


Discrimination, victimisation, equal opportunity Employers are responsible for ensuring their workplaces are free from discrimination, victimisation and any other illegal behaviour, in all forms and at all levels.

Significant legal penalties for breaches can be applied against individuals and organisations. It is important that employers ensure everyone knows what is and isn’t OK, and what they should do if they have concerns about a possible breach of those rules or the law.


Complaints and investigations Every employee has the right to safely make formal complaints about inappropriate, illegal or dangerous behaviours within the workplace.

Employers have a responsibility to react appropriately to protect and investigate. A complaints and investigations policy outlines steps managers and others should take to ensure they respond and act in accordance with the law and the best of interests of all.

Every employer must implement basic HR policies that are legally compliant, easily accessible, and helpful for managers, employees and workplace culture.

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