HR Essentials Start with the basics.

To create superior performance and workplace behaviours while ensuring you remain Fair Work compliant, it is absolutely crucial that you have the basics in place.


Role Descriptions and KPIs We’re not fans of multi-page job descriptions that don’t help people understand their priorities and core responsibilities.

We are however huge fans of simple to-the-point descriptions of role purpose, core responsibilities and measurements of performance. In other words, we like people to know and talk about the things that matter – the improvements in performances and ease-of-management are astounding.

Managing Performance When employees have a clear understanding of their role and tasks, it is easy and crucial that supervisors and managers actively manage performance on a regular basis.

Our performance management process is based on neuroscience, promotes positive reinforcement and personal growth over discipline and is proven to be easy for both managers and subordinates, simultaneously and quickly improving performances, relationships and workplace culture.


Managing Underperformance Underperforming employees destroy customer satisfaction, quality, productivity and the happiness of the high performing employees around them.

Using our simple and highly effective performance management system, managing underperformance moves from being stressful and conflictual to becoming straightforward, with employees taking responsibility for their own performances and solutions.


Managing Behaviours For the benefit and protection of all employees and customers, employers must be firm when setting and managing behavioural standards.

Working under the same principles as our performance management system, behaviours can be managed positively, including through education, coaching and discipline as appropriate. And, as with managing performance, stress and conflict can be minimised, creating great outcomes wherever possible.


Ending Employment Ending employment is always stressful and often legally treacherous, with over 25,000 claims for unfair dismissal lodged with the Fair Work Ombudsmen every year.

Our processes for ending employment are fair to employers and employees, and compliant with the Fair Work Act. Irrespective of the reasons for terminating employment, it is crucial that legally compliant processes are followed every step of the way to minimise the chances of costly, time-consuming and stressful complaints and legal action.

Managing employees doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Our system improves employee performance and behaviours simply, fairly and legally.

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