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It’s not hard to find out if someone can do the job. But it can be very hard to know if & how they’ll do it, or what attitude & habits they bring.  It’s even harder to know whether they’re going to fit in, how to get the best out of them & whether they’re likely to stay. To find out this & more, we go deeper. Much deeper.

Exclusive insights You deserve to know

We all know that good recruitment choices match an applicant’s skills & attitude to those needed by an employer. We also know that location, hours, salary & career aspirations need to be a good fit if the appointment is to last. But if you’re looking for engagement, discretional effort & stability you need to know more than that.

A new benchmark Better information, better decisions

Good recruitment choices match an applicant’s skills & attitude to those you need. Everyone also knows that location, hours, pay & career aspirations need to be a practical fit for family & lifestyle. But if you’re looking for great recruitment choices, you’ll be looking for employee engagement, extra effort & long-term stability. So we go beyond resumes & gut feelings to find out.

A thorough process Behavioural interviewing & predictive assessments

Using behavioural interviews & Neurosmart® assessments and behavioural interviewing techniques, we quickly get past the preferred, or nervous, version of themselves people present in interviews to explore the motivations and behaviours that affect their work and your workplace culture. This means you can make good choices AND better manage employees so they can perform to their potential.

A proven process Fewer failures

Our regular clients have learned to rely on us and our technique to bring the very best people into their teams across many different roles. With our help, they report a much higher success rate in both quality of hire & longevity than before – in one case reducing hiring failures in a challenging role from over 60% to less than 10%. Our process works.

The first secret Hidden motivations

Have you ever wondered why some employees seem to quickly go off the boil? Often this occurs because employer & employee were focused on the job, the hours & the pay, rather than matching deep-seated subconscious motivations. We use the Neurosmart® Motivational Assessment to predict overall energy and fit for role, environment & organisation. Its accuracy & usefulness has surpassed our expectations & it now serves a vital role in our recruitment process.

The second secret Problem or solution?

Life experiences shape how people react to challenges and problems. Responses can vary from being positive with a can-do attitude, to being cautious & negative, ranging from avoidance through to unrest, gossip & even militancy. Before making hiring decisions it’s helpful to access insights into the likelihood of each type of response, not only in predicting behaviour & fit, but also for ongoing management.

The third secret How will they behave under pressure?

There are many temperament tests around – but even the most famous aren’t based in neuroscience, so miss some of the most important things you need to know, especially in how changes in brain chemicals and activity drive attitudes & behaviours in ways that are unique for each candidate. The Neurosmart® Temperament Assessment means you can confidently predict & manage those behaviours – or avoid them completely.

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The fourth secret Behavioural interviewing

Behavioural interviewing is a skill we’ve studied, designed & refined over years of research & practice, drawing on our experience in psychology, counselling & organisational environments to reveal much more about applicants than other techniques. Then we compare what we found with our assessment results to come up with a reliable & complete picture of applicants so you can make the best, most informed recruitment choices you’ve ever made.

Individual candidate reports

We provide you with a brief & to-the-point report for each short-listed candidate, along with explanations of what you can expect. You will see the ups & downs for each candidate & gain unprecedented insights into how well they are likely to fit your organisation & respond to the demands of the role. This allows you to confidently make fully-informed recruitment decisions, as well as providing insights into how new employees might be most effectively managed.

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Integrity Recruitment consultant or recruitment agent?

We are not recruitment agents & don’t charge placement fees. Rather, we operate as recruitment consultants, working on a fixed or hourly fee basis. This means there is never a conflict of interest, with no incentive to embellish or groom applicants, inflate salary packages or be less than completely honest & open with you. What’s more, there is often no or little extra cost if you choose to employ more than one applicant!

If your organisation could benefit from better-researched, better-supported & better-informed recruitment choices, contact us now.

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