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From entry level and graduate positions through to experienced industry professionals and management, our proven psychometric assessment-inclusive behavioural recruitment process is the best-value option available in Australia today

Standard PLUS Recruitment with a difference

Our Standard PLUS recruitment option is available for many common roles. Our behavioural recruitment process matches the “can-do” and the “will-do” that is right for you, PLUS psychometric assessments and candidate reports are INCLUDED for the highest-rated applicants. We’ll write and place the ads, manage and review every applicant, interview and assess the best, and in the included candidate report give you unbiased, factual insights about them so that you can make the best possible decisions.

Typically includes drivers, machinery operators, customer service, sales, junior and graduate roles.

Supervisors and specialists Specialist recruitment for specialist roles

Many roles require specialised or rare skills and experiences, so you need to be sure that the candidates you are talking to are of the highest standards of performance, behaviour and their influence on others. Typically, supervisory and specialist roles also carry higher expectations, independence or authority. Role requirements can also be quite specific and the candidate pool much tighter, so it takes more time and more conversations to find the people who are just right for you. It can be a lot of work but it’s important not to cut corners. Extended Psychometric Assessments and Candidate Reports are INCLUDED for top applicants.

Typical roles include line managers and supervisors, IT specialists, accountants and other grey and white collar employees.


Executive recruitment is conducted personally by 21 Triangles, a leader in brain-based organisational development, leadership and management, as well as integrative neuropsychotherapy and coaching, and the designer of the Neurosmart assessments we use. Their unique experiences and knowledge of business, brain and behaviour provide fascinating in-depth profiles of the character, motivations, needs, resilience and likely behaviours of leading applicants. Extended Neurosmart Psychometric Assessments and Candidate Reports are INCLUDED.

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Integrity Recruitment consultant or recruitment agent?

We are not recruitment agents & don’t charge placement fees. Rather, we operate as expert recruitment consultants, working on a fixed or hourly fee basis. This means there is never a conflict of interest, with no incentive to embellish or groom applicants, inflate salary packages or be less than completely honest & open with you. What’s more, there is often no or little extra cost if you choose to employ more than one applicant!

Pricing schedule

Please note: We do not charge placement fees and we don’t guarantee placements. The reasons are practical and ethical;

  • By charging a flat fee, we can provide better value and commitment because we are not speculating about an outcome or having to cover the cost of unsuccessful work for other employers.
  • By NOT charging placement fees we are never incentivised to exaggerate, rush or be anything other than totally transparent.
  • We don’t re-write resumes or cover letters – you see what applicants present because that can help to inform an overall picture of what you might expect from them.
  • We don’t groom applicants. We don’t tell them what to wear to an interview, or what to say, or what not to say, because you need to see their personal judgement and character.
  • We invest our best efforts, time, and expertise in finding the most suitable candidates for you. We are thorough and professional in our work, and that means we are usually very successful. However, if the role is very specific or the market is very tight, the perfect applicant might not be there – we’d rather tell you that than propose unsuitable people.
  • Our process and assessments are impartial – they discover the good, the bad and the indifferent without favour.

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