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Our experienced team can guide you through some of the stickiest HR problems you may encounter. We take fast action to fix the problem in a safe and compliant manner.

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HR problems ruin productivity, quality, customer satisfaction and business reputation.
Cures to HR problems Get a solution to an immediate problem
Fair Work Problems

Have you received a notice from the Fair Work Ombudsmen? Is an ex-employee claiming unfair dismissal or are you concerned that they might?

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Workplace Investigations

Has a complaint been made by one employee against another? An independent external investigator can help you to make the correct choice legally, morally and productively.

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Do you have a problem with employee behaviours, performance or attendance? We can help you to deal with difficult situations tactfully and legally.

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Mediation & Counselling

Are you or any of your team experiencing workplace conflict and distress? Is anyone on your team struggling with stress or feelings of being overwhelmed?

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shovel Hands on experience

Our qualifications and extensive hands-on experience in real small and medium-sized businesses means we understand your challenges and we know how to fix them.

mapmarker On site support

We come to you, providing the in-person support that is best for you, your business and your team.

handshake Trusted

The amazing loyalty and trust our long-standing clients place in us is our reward for supporting them openly, honestly and in their best interests, as our number one priority. We will do the same for you.

Stop HR problems before they occur Prevention

Get your HR basics right to ensure your business Fair Work compliant, attracts a talented, happy and stable team and always performs at its best.

Ongoing support Prevent problems occurring in the first place with our support
HR Essentials

To create consistently superior performance and workplace behaviours while ensuring you remain Fair Work compliant, it is absolutely crucial that you have the basics in place.

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HR Policies

Protect yourself and your employees with policies that are legal and Fair Work compliant, and designed to enhance performance and culture while creating certainty, manageability and enforceability.

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HR Processes

Consistently great processes produce consistent great results in attracting, engaging and retaining talented people who come together to create a high performing team and support a great workplace culture.

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HR Support

For many businesses, HR is a distraction that takes attention away from core business activities. From on-call support through to full outsourcing, we take the worry out of HR.

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What our customers say
  • “Today, I spend more time than ever working on new business opportunities, knowing that my teams are achieving new productivity milestones while providing great service for my customers.”

    Steve Wastell, Managing Director, Blu Logistics
  • "Michael was key to supporting the managers in their exploration of their role and skills and the most important action Michael took – was not giving them the solution, but helping them identify the tools to reach it.”

    Julie Russell, Director –Support Services, Russell Transport
  • "The professional self-development and high performance team building management training courses have been a real eye-opener. I now understand more about how to get the best out of myself and my team."

    Chris Pascoe, Operations Manager, Retracom
  • "We were recently faced with having to fill a particularly important senior management role, and within 4 weeks had engaged the perfect candidate with the skills, attitude and personal characteristics to take that division to a whole new level."

    Rob Hodges, General Manager, Russell Transport Group
  • "HR Rescue delivered an informative and enlightening presentation. The training enabled a more communicative and cohesive team, and had an immediate and positive impact on the team, our patients and our business."

    Ariella Caldwell, , Feetology
Develop leaders within your business Training

We teach supervisors, managers and leaders how to build and manage high performing teams – and themselves. Programs are available online and in-person and can even be customised to suit individual requirements upon request.

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Training People don’t know what they haven’t been taught – even managers and leaders.
Delegation Training – The 21T Task Cycle

Delegation is an essential skill for all supervisors and managers. The 21T Task Cycle is the most effective and efficient way of getting things done right first time, every time.

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Communication, Collaboration and Conflict Resolution Training

Misunderstandings and conflict in the workplace are common and stressful. Supervisors and managers can be taught how to communicate clearly, diffuse conflict and bring people together.

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Management Training

Our Management Essentials Training course teaches the management of personal time, priorities and stress as well as managing the performance, underperformance and behaviours of subordinates for superior productivity and workplace culture.

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Personal Self-Development for Leaders

Leadership success in the workplace comes from inspiring, directing and helping others to perform to their potential. Learn how to connect with the personalities and motivations of others – and yourself – to refine the leadership style that is best suited to you.

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